Japanese FRP car BluePrint Part 1 (Super II chassis)

I am using Super II chassis as Sample to Show you the basic design of FRP car.

Please prepare following parts

Tamiya #15193 * 5 packages


and one package of  Tamiya # 15150




As you see the picture above. Basically the Japanese FRP car is base on cutting off useless parts to reduce the weight, reinforce/support the body and plate by FRP plate. But here is the tip, the battery compartment is not necessary to cut off, it is optional. I would recommend to keep the battery compartment, due to in USA we run high speed which not regulate the Tamiya motor type. Because cutting off the battery compartment will cause weak chassis. On the high speed, you better have strong and solid chassis.  Only when you run the “tune” class motor, you should try to reduce more weight, so in that situation you can cut off the battery compartment, due to “tune” class motor is not that fast~












Please note this~ the front mount plate for high speed you better use exact same plate as rear. this front Plate show on BluePrint is for technical high speed, not necessary for high speed.  Please look at the picture sample on below


Setting should look like below picture


I am not finished here, Please continue reading Part 2 before you start


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